Body & Soul Vegan Bakery


After having an extremely productive week, I decided to take the morning off.  Sort of.  I still made breakfast, but, instead of jumping up immediately after we finished and starting on the dishes, I decided to sit and finish my coffee.  This of course meant that lunch would either be a total hassle or we’d be picking something up.

You see, we live in a two loads of dishes per day household.  Our dishwasher is on the small side, but I also cook and serve three to four meals a day (including snack).  Doing one load each day will leave me with a sink full of dirty dishes at pretty much all times.  So two it is—one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It also happened that I was too busy to get my afternoon load of dishes in yesterday. So, not doing my post-breakfast load of dishes today meant that the kitchen was a bit of a mess, thus complicating lunchtime.  Uff.

Quick aside: Nobody ever told me that having a kid makes it so that household chores are no longer optional. When it’s just a couple of adults hanging out, you can make that pair of jeans last another day or two or let the pots and pans pile up and order crappy takeout again. Once you become a parent, every load of laundry or dishes that you skip causes a ripple effect that can last for days. It’s shocking.

Luckily today was CSA/greenmarket day, which meant we could grab something from Body and Soul Vegan Bakery.


Body and Soul has become our emergency Saturday lunch staple. Any time the kitchen is out of control or we’re at a loss for what to have, we swing by their stand at the greenmarket. They have a huge selection of baked goods, about a quarter of which are savory, and a third to half of which are gluten-free.

I am obsessed with their farinata (see photo at the top). It’s made of chickpea flour, seasoned with pesto, and loaded with roasted veggies. I keep saying that I want to try making my own version, but I’m more than happy to keep eating theirs. Chris used to always get their lentil roll, but I’ve gotten him hooked on the farinata now too. It’s so good.

Their sweet baked goods range from muffins to cookies to pie and come in an array of interesting flavors that change with the season. They’re on the less sweet side, which is perfect to my tastes. This morning, we grabbed a chocolate orange and a pumpkin muffin—the latter for Roman, because he devours anything pumpkin lately.

I’m not sure how this is possible, but Body & Soul doesn’t have a website (the closest you’ll come is their Yelp page). It looks like you can find them at several of the greenmarkets around the city, though—including Union Square during the week. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in town. Their baked goods are wholesome yet delicious, perfect for an afternoon snack, a post-dinner treat, or as a much-needed lunchtime failsafe.

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