Coffee Date

Coffee date

This week I decided to take my little man out for an afternoon coffee date at the new Starbucks in our neighborhood.  We swung by Juice Generation first to grab a couple of gluten-free, vegan pumpkin muffins, since, despite their efforts to fit in with the neighborhood aesthetically, Starbucks’ baked goods selection still lacks these options.  When we arrived, I snagged a cute little container of blueberries in case Roman wanted something in addition to his muffin and ordered a soy chai for myself and some steamed soy milk for my date.  We pulled a high chair up to a small, round table for two and enjoyed our afternoon snack.

After finishing off his muffin, Roman fed me his entire container of blueberries and then began to eavesdrop on the two men talking behind him.  Every time they laughed, he let out a loud, fake guffaw in response.  Shushing him only made him do it louder, which made me laugh too.  I was clearly not going to be effective in deterring this behavior, so I pulled out a book to bring our attention back to our little table.  After reading it for about the sixth time, Roman looked up and said “Ah-geh?”  I suggested that we go out for a walk instead, before it got too dark.

We packed up and headed to the park.  Roman began his usual stick/leaf/rock/acorn-collecting, but was soon distracted by a little boy kicking a ball.  They kicked it back and forth a few times before the boy sent it rolling down the path and ran after it, Roman running after him.  The boy continued on this way, kicking his ball and running to catch it, only to kick it again, and we made our way through the rest of the park, chasing after the little boy chasing after his ball.

Twilight stroll

We’ve been having a lot of days like this lately.  I think part of it is because of where Roman is at now, but part of it is definitely me.  Knock on wood, but I feel like I have my head above water for the first time in a long while, and I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with being here every day.  I’ll be meditating on this more through the rest of the month and will share more thoughts as it comes to an end.  Right now I’m enjoying the unexpected freedom that I’ve found in this daily commitment and the carefree time it’s giving me with my son.


  1. Pat (Mams} Miller aka Tori's Mom says

    Dear Britt,
    I love reading your blogs especially hearing about your adorable son, Roman. He is so precious hon. You are so richly blessed to have such a beautiful family. I look so forward to seeing your blogs when I open my emails.

    Thank you so much for brightening my days. I am now disabled, I had Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma in June so I am still recuperating. Oh and before I forget I am going to need some more of your baby items, my cousin is expecting a baby boy in 2 weeks.

    love to you all dear,

    • Britt says

      Aw Pat/Mams, thank you so much for this comment! I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, though. We’re sending our love and lots of positive thoughts your way.

      And congrats to your cousin! My shop inventory is a little low right now, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like me to make something. 🙂

      • Pat (Mams} Miller aka Tori's Mom says

        Dearest Britt.
        Thank you so much for your prompt reply. It is so nice to follow your blog and to watch Roman grow! I will let you know when my cousin has her baby and we will see how your supply is on your baby things.
        Thank you my dear for your kind thoughts.

        Much love to you and your family for the holidays,

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