What Vegans Eat Wednesday

BreakfastBreakfast: Sweet Note gluten-free pumpkin spice bagel with homemade almond butter, a cup of black coffee, and a carrot-apple-orange smoothie.


LunchLunch: Lentils and an entire 10-oz bag of frozen kale drizzled with lemon tahini dressing.


SnackSnack: A couple of sliced apples, two cinnamon raisin bites, a cup of darjeeling tea.


DinnerDinner: Beet burgers on multigrain gluten-free ciabatta with avocado, sweet potato fries, and a smoky chili cashew aioli.


DessertDessert: A couple squares of dark chocolate.


  1. Amy LoSacco says

    Jeff and I are looking to put a vitamix on our registry… Which one do you have? Did you make that juice with the vitamix or a juicer? We want to also put a juicer on our registry, unless the vitamix can juice too.

  2. Chris says

    Re the dinner menu, would you please tell me where to find the smoked chili cashew aioli recipe? I can’t find it in your recipe list. Thank you, C

    • Britt says

      Hi Chris! You’re correct that I haven’t published that recipe yet, but it is in my queue! Let me know if you might have a need for it soon, otherwise I’ll try to get it up the week after Thanksgiving. 🙂

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