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Purple Autumn

I’ve decided that, in addition to posting a day’s worth of meals each Wednesday, I’m going to start doing one of these link round-ups each week.  I read a fair amount of articles throughout the week on a wide range of topics and will pick my favorites to share here.  Obviously a lot of them will be oriented toward animal welfare and plant-based recipes/nutrition, but I’ll also include others that I found especially fun/interesting/thought-provoking.  Sunday seems like a good day for this, so here we go!


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Body & Soul Vegan Bakery


After having an extremely productive week, I decided to take the morning off.  Sort of.  I still made breakfast, but, instead of jumping up immediately after we finished and starting on the dishes, I decided to sit and finish my coffee.  This of course meant that lunch would either be a total hassle or we’d be picking something up.

You see, we live in a two loads of dishes per day household.  Our dishwasher is on the small side, but I also cook and serve three to four meals a day (including snack).  Doing one load each day will leave me with a sink full of dirty dishes at pretty much all times.  So two it is—one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It also happened that I was too busy to get my afternoon load of dishes in yesterday. So, not doing my post-breakfast load of dishes today meant that the kitchen was a bit of a mess, thus complicating lunchtime.  Uff.


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Coffee Date

Coffee date

This week I decided to take my little man out for an afternoon coffee date at the new Starbucks in our neighborhood.  We swung by Juice Generation first to grab a couple of gluten-free, vegan pumpkin muffins, since, despite their efforts to fit in with the neighborhood aesthetically, Starbucks’ baked goods selection still lacks these options.  When we arrived, I snagged a cute little container of blueberries in case Roman wanted something in addition to his muffin and ordered a soy chai for myself and some steamed soy milk for my date.  We pulled a high chair up to a small, round table for two and enjoyed our afternoon snack.

After finishing off his muffin, Roman fed me his entire container of blueberries and then began to eavesdrop on the two men talking behind him.  Every time they laughed, he let out a loud, fake guffaw in response.  Shushing him only made him do it louder, which made me laugh too.  I was clearly not going to be effective in deterring this behavior, so I pulled out a book to bring our attention back to our little table.  After reading it for about the sixth time, Roman looked up and said “Ah-geh?”  I suggested that we go out for a walk instead, before it got too dark.


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Four & Eight


Today Chris and I celebrated our fourth anniversary of marriage as well as our 8th anniversary together (yep–we were married on the anniversary of our first date!).  We didn’t do anything fancy.  Chris took the day off of work, and we spent it chasing Roman through the playground and walking around our neighborhood as a family.

Chris had some really lovely ideas for things that we could have done just the two of us, but that kind of time can be difficult to coordinate.  And while doing those things would have been nice, it felt totally fitting that we spent the day with our son.  He did surprise me with an incredibly thoughtful gift, though: a replica of my bridal bouquet.  I loved the one I carried four years ago, and this one was a beautiful reminder of that day.


What Vegans Eat Wednesday

So, I’m thinking I may start doing one of these posts each week, maybe every Wednesday.  We could call it “What Vegans Eat Wednesday.” I’ll try to mix things up, but you’ll probably notice that I tend to have some things pretty regularly–like chia seeds and buckwheat groats basically every morning. 😉


Breakfast: Homemade soy yogurt sweetened with a little maple syrup, with chia seeds, buckwheat groats, diced apple, and pumpkin butter. Black coffee.



Lunch: Quinoa cakes with a quick, creamy sauce made from Miyoko’s Kitchen Sundried Tomato Garlic cheese and water.  Also, an entire 10-oz bag of frozen spinach.


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Turkey Day


As part of our Thanksgiving celebration this year, our little family sponsored a turkey at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.  We plan to do this each year going forward as well.  We didn’t get to spend much time with the turkeys when we visited (thus the photo of the turkey hanging out with the pigs), but, especially as he gets older, I imagine it will be fun for Roman to meet them and then pick a specific one to sponsor in honor of the holiday.  What am I saying?  It’ll be fun for us too!

On one hand, we’ve decided to form this very fun tradition out of a positive desire to contribute to something good.  On the other, it is undeniably a response to some not-so-fun truths about this time of year.

Did you know that 46 million turkeys are killed each year for Thanksgiving alone?  46 million individual birds.  We fondly refer to this holiday as “Turkey Day,” but it is hardly a day for them to celebrate.

I’m not going to go into how smart and curious these animals are and detail everything they must endure to wind up on our plates, because several other people have already done this, and well.  Below are links to a few worthwhile reads, as well as an adorable video of some serious turkey talk.  I strongly encourage you to click through, read, and watch.  (At the very least, watch the video–it’s seriously adorable!)


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Pumpkin Apple Chia Cereal

Pumpkin Apple Chia Cereal

I have a confession.

You know how Amazon has that “look inside” feature that lets you preview the content of a book? Often, when I’m considering a cookbook by an author that I’m not familiar with and this feature is available, I’ll page through to get a sense of what their recipes are like and whether I might actually like them. Then, sometimes, if I come across a recipe that looks particularly good, I’ll take a screenshot of it so I can make it later.

Is that bad? It feels sort of naughty every time I do it. I mean, they’re making the content available so it should be okay, right? And, in all fairness, if I try the recipe and like it, I’ll usually buy the book. I guess there’s just something about saving it that feels a little dirty.

Glad I got that off my chest.

P.S. Don’t judge me.

P.P.S. I also have a recipe for you…. 

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Reading, Recipes, & Other News

Hat and Mittens

Chris surprised me by taking Friday off of work, giving us all a three day weekend together.  Today was gorgeous, but Friday and Saturday were hat-and-mittens cold.  We still made sure to get out and about quite a bit, including a couple of excursions to get Roman some new books.  We’ve given him two of them so far, and I’m pretty sure we’ve read them each about three dozen times.  That kid loves his books.

Today I thought I’d share a list of the things that I’ve been reading (other than Good Night Trains), cooking, and enjoying lately.  Enjoy and hope you all had a good weekend!



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Accidental Activism

A friend of mine posted this video to social media the other day.  He’s not vegan as far as I know, but he is into philosophy, so I imagine he thought that this was an interesting social experiment.  It’s a candid camera style prank that was staged in a supermarket in Brazil.  I found it fascinating, so I shared it with Chris.  His reaction to it was so well-articulated, and he’s given me permission to share it with you.  Watch the video first, then read his response below.


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Upstate Vegan Eats — Woodstock & New Paltz

Vegan Goodies

Our trip to visit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary last month was a 2-day affair. We drove up on Saturday to visit the sanctuary, stayed in a hotel overnight, and got up the next day with the intention of stopping off to do some apple picking on our way home.

Unfortunately, as we pulled up to the orchard, we notice a “closed” sign hanging out front. It turned out that the weekend prior had been their last of the season (wah wah). The day was cold and windy anyway, so, instead of finding another orchard, we decided to head down to New Paltz and bum around the town.

I wouldn’t have expected it, but between Woodstock and New Paltz, we had ourselves some seriously good eats that weekend. We even came home with a borderline shameful haul of vegan treats (pictured above). Most of the places we visited were ones that we had pinned down prior to heading on our getaway, but a couple were surprises. All of them were great.


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