Weekend Recap + US Veg Week

Sunny day

It was nearly 80 degrees on Saturday. Need I say more? Here’s a recap of our positively summery weekend:

Apr 18 & 19 Wknd - Pt 1

• I always forget how beautiful spring is in NYC until I’m in it: flowering trees everywhere! • Kiddo shining as bright as the sun on his smiling face • Bacon cheddar ranch beet burgers from Chickpea & Olive every weekend forever and ever amen. • Making friends with a little lady over lunch • Williamsburg waterfront • Fair-skinned me playing dare with the sun (the sun won) •

Apr 18 & 19 Wknd - Pt 2

• Smoothie break: bananas, mango, clementines, and collards • Green goodness for my guys • Gloriously crowded at McCarren • Post-dinner walk home—he insisted on holding my hand. I’ll never say no. • Cozy on the couch at home with a double scoop of Van Leeuwen’s vegan ice cream (salted caramel and dark chocolate) straight from the truck • Roman, table for one • “Newtella” banana crepe and a mason jar of joe at Little Choc • A mid-day cuppa, because coffee •

I also want to mention that, in honor of Earth Day, this week is US VegWeek! If you’re not already veg, this is a great opportunity to give plant-based eating a test drive or simply challenge yourself to try something new. And since animal agriculture is the largest contributor to both climate change and rainforest destruction, not to mention incredibly resource-intensive and polluting, removing animal products from your plate, even for a week, is the single most comprehensive thing you can do to respect and honor this planet of ours. Head on over to the US VegWeek site and take the 7-day VegPledge to make it official!


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