What Vegans Eat Wednesday

So, I’m thinking I may start doing one of these posts each week, maybe every Wednesday.  We could call it “What Vegans Eat Wednesday.” I’ll try to mix things up, but you’ll probably notice that I tend to have some things pretty regularly–like chia seeds and buckwheat groats basically every morning. 😉


Breakfast: Homemade soy yogurt sweetened with a little maple syrup, with chia seeds, buckwheat groats, diced apple, and pumpkin butter. Black coffee.



Lunch: Quinoa cakes with a quick, creamy sauce made from Miyoko’s Kitchen Sundried Tomato Garlic cheese and water.  Also, an entire 10-oz bag of frozen spinach.



Snack: Pumpkin muffin and a soy chai latte.  Not pictured: the little container of blueberries that I bought for Roman that he insisted on feeding to me instead.



Dinner: White corn tortillas filled with roasted fingerling sweet potatoes, black beans, and water-sautéed greens (bok choy and chard), drizzled with chipotle Cholula.



Dessert: A gift from one of Chris’ new co-workers—delicious cookies from Vegan Vee Bakery in Nashville.

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