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This has been such a crazy week!  I feel like I’ve hardly had a minute to read anything.  And after all the cooking and traveling over the last few days, I have a mountain of post-holiday laundry and dishes ahead of me this week.  Yikes.

I am proud (and a little relieved?) to say that today is the final day of NaBloPoMo.  I did it!  I want to talk a little more about my experience with blogging every day this month, but it might take me a few days to collect those thoughts while I get back on my feet here at home.  I am planning to continue posting regularly, though, and will keep doing What Vegans Eat Wednesday as well as a link roundup at the end of each week.  We’ll see what kind of posting schedule develops from here.  Let me know if there are things you’d like to see more of, too.  I’m always happy to take requests.

Despite the hectic holiday week, I did manage to bookmark a few little things. Hope you all had a great weekend and happy reading!


Cory Booker Goes Vegan for the Rest of the Year
As the headline says, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has gone vegan! It’s been amazing to see the amount of support he’s been getting from the vegan community on social media. Who knows, maybe it’ll stick? 🙂

28 Million Diabetics Need to Wake the Fuck Up
This is a raw, emotional, brutally honest post. I sometimes wish I had the balls to speak/write this way about these kinds of things (outside of our home), but I suppose when your husband is needlessly wasting away in front of your eyes, you start to worry less about making people uncomfortable and more about changing the world.

Police Seek People Responsible For Vandalizing Brooklyn World War II Memorial
This happened in our neighborhood recently and it made us so sad.  We watched this mural go up, watched them trace the lines and carefully paint it, layer by layer, over the course of a couple weeks.  It was a beautiful piece of art and it was ruined overnight.  These kinds of things seriously boggle my mind.

All About That Breast
A super cute, pro-breastfeeding song set to the tune of “All About That Bass.”  Made me smile.

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