Loren, Links, & Turkey Love


I’m super excited to share that we received the card for the turkey we sponsored this year!  We let Woodstock pick our turkey for us and they chose Loren.  It was great reading her story and we’re thrilled that she’ll have a symbolic seat at our table.  (There’s still time to sponsor a turkey of your own!)

Thanksgiving is now only two days away.  In honor of the holiday, I thought I’d share a handful of turkey-related articles that have caught my attention recently, as well as a video of what I’m sure 46 million turkeys would much rather be doing come Thursday (spoiler: it’s hilariously cute!).

Happy reading!


These Happy Sanctuary Turkeys Might Change The Way You Feel About Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving Turkey in 6 Eye-Popping Charts

Amazing Rescued Turkeys Who Will Change the Way You View Your Thanksgiving Meal Forever

Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Jane Unchained: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s Amazing Thanksgiving Tradition

Every Thanksgiving, the president pardons a turkey (or two): What’s the point?

Meet the New Yorkers who adopt turkeys instead of eating them


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